Care Advice

Please see flower and plant care advice below, for when you take your purchase home. With knowledgable staff, we also give free advice for all of our customers in-store or over the phone at any time.

Flower Care

Bouquets in water

- Take the bouquets out of the water and cellophane

- Trim the stems by 3cm at an angle

- Put in a vase with fresh water along with the flower food

- Keep away from heat and draughts

- Cut the stems again and change the water after 2 days


As with the above instructions. A hand-tied bouquet has been specifically designed to be placed straight into a vase.


- Top up the container with water daily

- Place flowers in a cool location away from draughts, direct    heat or sunlight

- Please note candle arrangements are for decoration only


Lily pollen may stain. Carefully remove stamens from any newly opened blooms and avoid direct contact.


Plant Care

Planted Bowl/Foliage/Tropical Plants

- Place in a room that recieves a good amount of natural light

- Keep in a fairly warm room

- Keep soil moist but do not overwater

- Mist leaves once a week during Spring & Summer

- Feed once every two weeks in Spring & Summer

- Remove damaged/faded leaves and blooms as they fade

- Do not place in direct sunlight

Cacti & Succulent Care

- Apply enough water so it runs out of the drainage holes

- Water only the surrounding soil rather than the plant itself

- Avoid leaving any water on leaves

- Empty the drainage saucer so the plant doesn’t sit in water

- About 95 percent of houseplants need the soil to dry out almost completely before you next water

- If succulents are planted in a bowl with no drainage, water every two weeks

Succulents experience strongest growth during spring and summer and may need a cacti or succulent feed once every 2/3 weeks.

Air Plants

- Mist or bathe once a week during Spring and Summer. And once or twice every month during Autumn and Winter. 

- To bathe your Air plant, fill a bowl or sink with warm water and let the plant bathe for a minimum of 20 minutes. 



Please note the above care instructions are our recommendations and only to be used as a guide.